Want An All Cash Offer For Your Unwanted Property? We Help Detroit Homeowners Sell Their House Fast.

Life can be unexpected. Finding yourself in a tough financial situation because of a home you no longer want to own can be stressful. At Steve Moves Michigan, we help Detroit homeowners that have found themselves with the following circumstances:

  • Home is in foreclosure
  • Your home is tenanted and you do not want the burden of being a landlord any longer
  • You inherited property through the death of a family member but you just want the cash value instead
  • You recently divorced and do not want to own joint property anymore
  • Your real estate agent is taking far too long to find a buyer
  • Your property has been sitting vacant for far to long
  • There are too many repairs to do and you cannot afford it
  • You need to move on a tight schedule
  • You do not want to pay hefty commissions and fees

If any of these situations apply to you, we are delighted to offer our help. We are cash home buyers who can provide you with a fair offer within 24 hours of you letting us know about your property. Imagine walking away from closing with no more obligations to your unwanted house!

Take control of your life once again. We seek to relieve the stress and hassle that maintaining your property is causing you. Our process differs from more traditional methods because we work to your schedule. No matter when you want to close, we can accommodate any timeline, even allowing you to close as early as next week if you so choose.

Simply use our quick web form below, or contact us at (248) 229-6366 to discuss your options. There are no obligations or commitments for you to be concerned about, and we will not charge any extra fees or commissions.

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